Our products, or “Tool Sets” are offered in class, available for the classroom setting.

USA Web School’s tools and devices are designed for students with various learning acuity’s as well as those with disabilities, helping American students acquire skills that are both competitive and pioneering in the present and future technologically demanding world.

These tools, or Interactive Hand-On Learning Devices (IHOLD’s ™) are unique and inspiring, and help students of all ages grasp ideas, formulas, and concepts quickly and easily, in a playtime setting. Some of the IHOLD’s are:

WHISKERS™ – “Whiskers” is a small robot mouse that children create a computer program for. The goal is to write a computer program that moves Whiskers down a path towards the cheese on a board. Advanced courses increase the level of complexity; for example, obstacles can be placed in the way.

CAMS & GEARS™ – This simple cam and gear set helps children understand ratios, fractions and proportions in algebra. This IHOLD is built for children in fifth and sixth grade and beyond.

LASERS & MIRRORS™ – This safe hand-held device helps children learn about angles with light reflections on mirrors.

TODDLER TECH™ – Video controller. Similar to an X-Box controller, simple easy to use buttons, comes with a CD, children’s authors read them a story. Listen only, or sound out each word, hundreds of authors reading their books, never get bored. Target user: (Pre-school only: 3-6 year olds) ELECTRONIC.